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Substance	Condition	Chem. symb.	Material	Valve service	Remarks
Acetic a/cid	Con.	C2H4O2	E	R	No tin, does not attack C. I.
Acetic acid	Dil.		E	R	Attacks all common metals
Acid mine water			LB	n{	Wood- or  Sb Pb-lined C. I.
Acid mine water				R\	or lined with slag cement. No
Acid mine water     .      .     .....			AM	R\	zinc
Alcohol         ..................			AB	R	
Alkaline liquid      .              ....	Ex. C.		AI	R	Attacks E  more readily than
Alkaline liquid          .            ....	Dil.		E	R	C. I.
Alum            • .     ..............		KA1(SO4)2		R	Attacks C. I. slowly
Aluminum sulphate                 ...		A12(SO4)3	BF	R	Forms foam
Ammonia      .      .     ..........		NHs	AI	R	Asbestos packing
Ammonium bicarbonate		NBUHCOs			Attacks C. I. slowly
Ammonium chloride.       ......		NH4C1	AI	R	Is ealammoniac
		NH4NO3	AI	R	
Ammonium sulphate       .....		(NH4)2SO4	AI	R	
Aniline water            ....... ...			AI	R	
Barium chloride     .       ......		BaCb	RF	R	1 These do not attack C. I.,
Barium nitrate		Ba(NOs>2	RF	R	/     brass or bronze
Beer and beerwort         ......			AB	R	
	Thin		BF	R	Sugar mill
Benzene,. coal tar product ...... Benzine, oil dist. prod. No. 4. . . Bichloride of mercury		CeHa CnH2»+2 HgCh	AI BF AI	R R R	No rubber Sp. gr. = 0.74.    No rubber
			AB	R	Hunyadi or similar
•Rl     Vi			BF	R	
			AB .	R	Refrigeration
Carbolic acid		CeHsOH	AI	R	Disinfectant
		CC14	RF	R	Is carbona
Carbona			RF	R	Dissolves grease
			BF	LO	Sugar mill
Calcium acid sulphate .......... Calcium acid sulphate .......	Con. Dil.	CaSO4	AB BF	R R	
Calcium chlorate		Ca(ClOa)2		R	Cu is best, then : AB, C I
Calcium hypochlorite		Ca(OCl)2	E	LO	Disinfecting agent
Calcium chloride brine		CaCla	BF	R	Refrigeration,
Calcium magn sod   chloride			BF	R	Salt-well brine
Carbonate of soda		Na2CO3	AI	R	Is sal soda
Carbonic acid gas in water		CO2	RF	R	
Caustic sulphide	KSH	or NaSH	AB	R	
Caustic soda		NaOH	AI	R	No iron if NnCi is present
Caustic lye or potash		KOH	AI	R	
Caustic manganese . .           ...		Mn(OH)2	AI	R	Is   unstable compound    oxi-
Caustic strontia		Sr(OH)2	4R   '	LO	dizes in air to MnO-OH Heat  by  steam   to  prevent
(strontium salt) Chloride of lime		CaOCls	E	LO	crystallization Bleaching    powder     clisinf
Chloride of zinc			AI	R	agent
Chlorine and water		Cl	E    j	R	Cu or Ni lubricate w  GO°B<''
Caustic zinc chloride ...........		ZnClOH	[ BF   \ \	R	H2S04 Deposits  Zn(OII)2, zinc hy-rlrr>Yir1p